The MEBA Council represents the interests of the international students in the six internationally focused Master of Science programs at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). The council is responsible for over 150 international degree students in the realms of academic affairs, social events and corporate relations.

In addition, the Council works on increasing the visibility of NHH internationally and is part of the International Student Union of Norway.

The MEBA Council Board is a group of students from all over the world eager to work with the NHH community on the internationalization of our institution. Our main goals are the following:

- Establishing a list of best practices within European business schools and collaborate with NHH faculty on the adoption of them

- Increasing collaboration with other committees and groups on shared events to promote integration between Norwegian and international students

- Providing networking opportunities and career guidance to students in Norway and abroad

- Increasing the welfare of our fellow international students

- Promoting the NHH-brand abroad using international events, such as TEDx

We are firmly convinced that all students of NHH can benefit from a higher international recognition of the university abroad. This can be achieved in many ways, among which integration of international students at NHH plays a crucial role.